37: Footnotes For Today’s American Woman

1. i hear all the things you cannot say in the main paragraph: That
you are still considered mostly in relation to what your body has done.
you are saddened by women who tell you how to think — just like them.
you are, on either side, considered a threat.
you are betrayed by drag queens who glorify a body standard that erases your reality.
you erase yourself in the presence of self-righteous men; remaining your own in silence is better than giving them any crumb of yourself they do not deserve.
you are happy for the women who get justice; but pluck your petals because you have not gotten your own.
you return gifts because you don’t feel worthy of them.
you return gifts because they never give you what you need.
you return to yourself and feel how the waters have changed.
you know when it’s about to get dangerous.
you know how to stab a ghost in the heart.
you think your story is your own but it is handed off as soon as you tell it.
you wish you were strong enough to do better.
you want to light candles, not curse the darkness, but sometimes the anger feels right.
you are left here, reading the footnotes.
you are left posting make believe on the internet.
you are left wishing more of us could read between the lines.
you are Left.
you are Right.
you are not alone.
i hear all the things you say to yourself in the dark.
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