66: Ten Questions On One Condition


Do you have a bathroom?

Can I use it?

Ha… I know, it’s so silly that we ask that… who doesn’t have a bathroom?

Do you think we are just so used to asking dumb knowable questions?

Because it makes the asker and the answerer feel safe because they both already know the answer, know it is easy?

Why haven’t we thought of better things to ask of each other yet?

How do we just open our trenchcoats and ask whether or not we are allowed here, if we are safe, if we are needed, why are we so different and yet our pain is always so much the same, is this all a dream, or perhaps even a nightmare, and what are you made of, what is the difference between blood and water, am I forgiven yet, how will I feel it, and why do we sleep at night while the world unravels into a soft thread of nothingness in the untouchable distance of the galaxies bigger than our own, and how do we manage to feel knowable when only things like the fact of a bathroom is known?

Oh… would you like me to leave soon?

Am I ruining the party again?

Why swallow the moon when you can eat the rocks instead?

Like I always say.