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Writing to reconcile the beauty with the bullshit.

MildlyDepressed.comMildly Depressed is a multimedia project by Chicago-based creative writer Jackie Mantey. It’s an exploration of what life is like for people who feel kind of bad but, like, still have to go to work in the morning.

The public domain images for each post of Mildly Depressed are from the New York Public Library’s digital collection. They are edited with needle, thread, and a healthy sense of disillusionment by Jackie. If you click on any Mildly Depressed photo at the bottom of each poem or essay, you can see the original image.

Each episode of Mildly Depressed The Podcast offers an overview of one topic in the overwhelming self-help cannon. This is self-help for beginners, eye rollers, secret fans of vision boards, and people who want to talk about this stuff but start the conversation with, “It’s self-help but it’s not like that…” All spun with a story and an encouraging lil’ pat on the behind.







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